Comar C-Cats

Handmade Yachting Technology


Comar Yachts has been building boats since the 1960’s and was Italy’s first shipyard to use composite construction techniques.  Since their humble beginnings, Comar has launched a number of award winning designs from 21 to 100 feet before shifting their focus to the performance cruising catamaran market.  The C-Cat range is an exciting new line of catamarans that perfectly blends performance, comfort, safety and value.

A Little History of


C-catamarans was born out of the Comar Yacht line, a well-known and prestigious yacht builder in Italy, who has built over 4500 yachts since 1961. Comar, (originally known as Sipla) was one of the first builders to use fiberglass in line production. 

The Comet 910 was the most influential model, having beat an entire fleet during the Middle Sea Race, which lead to the company building 1,000 units in a 15-year span.  The company expanded and soon created multiple models, Comet 801, 11, 13 and 14.  The boats were fast, comfortable and affordable; the sailboats were groundbreaking and helped popularize boating in Italy.  They are also well known for their experience in building semi-custom performance cruising catamarans from 60 – 100ft.

The C-catamaran line offers several models: C-Cat 37, C-Cat40PW, C-Cat 48, C-Cat 56 and the C-Cat 62.  These catamarans are performance, cruising catamarans, meant to sail fast, while still delivering all the comforts a catamaran is known for with comfort and space.  They are semi-custom, allowing each one to be designed based on the individual’s sailing needs.