Catamaran Central’s Q3 Cat Chat

We always love the shift in summer to fall here in South Florida.  The end of hot muggy days, the end of hurricane season, and the beginning of the Bahamas and Caribbean cruising season.  It’s been a very busy summer for us at Catamaran Central with surveys, sea trials, and closings throughout the Caribbean and East Coast.  While some areas of the yacht market are showing signs of slowing down, the catamaran market has remained strong.  We are seeing more inventory coming to market, which has brought a number of buyers back to the market after feeling discouraged over the craziness of Covid.  

The catamaran market is driven by continued elevated levels of demand, coupled with limited supply on the macro level.  I often ask perspective buyers, “How many catamarans are produced globally?”  People are often surprised with the answer.  If you’re curious to find out the total global production of catamarans shoot us an email.