Wiley’s Recap of the International Multihull Show: La Grande Motte

One of my favorite parts of working in the multihull industry is traveling to boat shows all over the world, to meet with clients both old and new, industry friends, and of course being able to check out the most innovative catamarans currently on the market.

My trip to La Grande Motte marked my first trip to this boat show, and area of France, which represents the start of the Mediterranean cruising season. The weather during the show was a mixed bag of wind, rain, cold, heat, sunshine and everything in between.

This was the biggest presence Comar has had since entering the catamaran space, as well as the world debut of the Comar C-Catamaran 48. The boat was well received, not only by the European buyers walking the docks, but a suprisingly large number of Americans who were in attendance for the show. In addition to the C-Cat 48 on display, Comar had the C-Cat 37, and C-Cat 40 Powerfish, while offering sea trials on the C-Cat 37 during the show. There was also a lot of serious interest and chatter about the upcoming C-Cat 56 and the C-Cat 62.

The viewing public was beyond impressed with the combination of performance, fit and finish, as well as the competitive price offered by Comar on the C-Cat range. After seeing the public’s reception to the C-Cat 48, I am more excited than ever to be involved in such an amazing program.

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