Comar’s C-Catamaran Update

I’ve had quite a few people ask me, “Why?” did you get involved with Comar’s C-Cat range here in the United States. 

When we left our previous careers working for a large yacht brokerage firm, we didn’t necessarily have a lot of say in what we sold on the new product line.  When we started Catamaran Central, Laura and I decided we would ONLY sell catamarans and charters on yachts we wholeheartedly believed in.

Our first experience with Comar Yachts was when the first C-Cat 37 arrived in Fort Lauderdale.  I spent a morning sailing on her with a friend and immediately fell in love with the boat.  The emotions I felt while sailing her off the coast of Fort Lauderdale were indescribable. It reminded me of a simpler and more pure time on the water.  It was as though they had built the boat specifically for me and the way I wanted to sail.

It turned out, Comar was searching for a US Dealer and an introduction was made to Massimo Guardigli, the owner of Comar Yachts.  Laura and I flew out to Rome, Italy to meet with Massismo in July of 2021 to discuss becoming their dealer.  Within minutes of meeting the team, seeing the facility and discussing their boat building process, I was hooked. 

I’ve toured quite a few factories in Europe, South Africa, and Asia.  The one thing I instantly felt with meeting the Comar team, was their passion for boat building; often not seen in the big production line shipyards.  The tagline for C-Catamarans is, “Handmade Yachting Technology.”  It is evident in the way they build their boats that the old world standards are practiced; versus automation, which is commonly found in the boat building process nowadays.  Comar Yachts have been building boats for decades, which is clearly reflected in every, semi-custom catamaran they produce.

I was fortunate enough to travel back to the shipyard in October 2021, to sea trial hull #1 of the C-Cat 48.  This boat exceeded ALL expectations.  She sailed like a rocket ship, was built like a tank and at a price point far more competitive than her French or Asian counterparts. To see a full walkthrough video of the C-Cat 48, click on the video down below.

We are so excited to see what the future holds with our partnership with Comar Yachts. 

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